Unlocking Skyscrapers’ Hidden Energy Through Art

Like a dormant volcano, every building holds a vast reservoir of untapped strength. But that energy isn’t explosive: it’s reactive, waiting to resist the thousands of tons of force that strong winds and earthquakes exert on structures.  That’s how an engineer described a recently-completed artwork that his firm, Arup, helped design with artist Janet Echelman. Titled As If It Were Already Here and located in a downtown Boston park, the 1 ton sculpture is composed of rope and twine hanging more than 300 feet in the air. The artwork hangs from several skyscrapers especially chosen for their strength: when the wind blows, and the sculpture catches it like a sail, the buildings push back with 100,000 pounds of force. Read on to learn more!

Link to the Article on Architectural Record

Top Image: Janet Echelman’s As If It Were Already Here, via Hi Fructose