Luca Zanier Corridors Power

Photographing The Corridors Of Power

Analyzing the architecture of power is tougher than it looks. It’s relatively easy to discern the symbolic meaning of governmental architecture – the tallest building houses the most prominent functions, Greco-Roman architecture suggests stability and timelessness, etc. However, those meanings are inflected and influenced by actual politics: a Greco-Roman government building can just as easily symbolize hypocrisy or oppression, depending on the actions of its inhabitants.

That’s what makes this collection of photography  by Luca Zanier so fascinating. Zanier has spent years photographing congresses, councils, parliaments – everywhere important decisions are made. He says the photos (now a forthcoming book, titled Corridors of Power) aim to show the public those unseen spaces that affect their lives. While grand, these rooms would be almost anonymous and inconsequential if not for a few name placards and symbols. Once you move past their stately magnificence, these empty spaces suggest that architecture is a vessel of power – not its embodiment. Read on to learn more about Zanier’s photography and crowdfunding campaign!

Link to the Curbed Article

Top Image: UN Security Council I, New York 2008, courtesy Luca Zanier.


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