CoeLux Artificial Sunlight LED Technology

Sunshine from a Ceiling: New Technology that Recreates Sunlight Indoors

Architects are patently, universally, passionately obsessed with light.

Some more than others, but I guarantee that no matter how distant two architects backgrounds or ideologies, they’ll be able to talk extensively about how light works in the buildings they love. That’s what makes a new lighting technology, developed by an Italian professor and potentially coming to the United States within months, so exciting. A combination of LEDs and nanoparticles, all compressed within a thin panel, recreate the glow and brightness of the sun to unreal levels. The photograph above was taken indoors with a solid roof overhead. The architectural potential of such a technology could be broad and deep, from revitalizing underground spaces to fighting seasonal affective disorder. Read on to disocover how the technology works and what challenges it faces.

Link to the Architectural Record Article

Top Image: Courtesy CoeLux, Photographer Michael Loos


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