Saving the Early History of Digital Architecture

40 years ago, not a single architectural drawing was done digitally. Now there is an entire industry of software-makers catering to the needs of architecture. In between now and then, however, architects were forced to make novel digital tools that remain unknown to the public and to the architectural profession.

Architect Greg Lynn has been involved with computer design since the 80s when he embraced the use of digital and mathematical tools to shape his projects. How architects use these tools has always been a contentious subject: do you let a tool, such as a computer script or complex formula, determine a design? Regardless of how you view Lynn’s biomorphic work, I sat down to discuss another one of his projects: a massive effort with the Canadian Center of Architectur that aims to preserve the early history of digital architectural tools. With the second of three exhibitions now open at Yale, now’s the time to familiarize yourself with this little-known chapter of digital design.

Link to the Article

Top Image: Greg Lynn by David Lai, Hello Design


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