Strength in Diversity: MoMA PS1’s Young Architecture Program Finalists

Having read more architecture books than I would care to admit, I can say it’s impossible to give architecture a single, concise definition.

It’s one of the many things that makes the architectural field so enriching and exciting: it can host so many varied perspectives. I was pleased to see that diversity in this year’s five finalists for the MoMA P.S.1 Young Architects’ Program. Started in 1999, the program allows a recently-founded firm (or even an independent architect) to design a structure within MoMA P.S.1’s courtyard in New York City. This year’s five finalists run the gamut: from Andrés Jaque and his socially-conscious architecture to Bittertang’s earthy and environmental designs to Erin Besler’s critique of the architectural giant Peter Eisenman (don’t miss her Wes Anderson-styled thesis video). Read on to get to know each finalist.

Link to the Article

Incidentally, the Buru Buru amphitheater (seen above), designed by Bittertang, will be an earthy cave with grass sprouting along its roof. The theater was recently completed and its soil is still in tubes that will eventually decay and give way to a green landscape.

Top Image: Buru Buru amphitheater (2014) by Bittertang, Image courtesy Bittertang


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