Generational Change: Capturing An Architectural Transition

It’s hard to see it among the flurry of articles, conferences, interviews, and surveys. The architectural profession is slowly changing, slowly admitting more women. However, it may be years or decades before those women can work their way up to leadership positions. In the present, extensive coverage on current inequalities can easily paint a depressing picture of the modern architectural profession.

However, a new documentary Making Space: 5 Women Changing Architecture refocuses on the many women (some not necessarily famous) who have make great architectural strides within our time. What I found most refreshing was the documentary’s focus on the five woman architect’s work itself and how it was thoughtful and beautiful. The film didn’t just tell you they were great designers, it also showed you. In time, the profession may equalize its gender balance. In either event, future generations will be able see making Making Space and find bright spots in a sometimes dark past.

Link to the Article

Top Image: Wall detail of MOCA Cleaveland, designed by Farshid Moussavi. Photograph by ©Dean Kaufman / Trunk Archive.


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