The Davids and Goliaths of the Art World

The most important part of a painting may not be paint at all, or even the canvas underneath it.

It’s the frame. The frame, whether ornate or simple, dignifies the painting it encloses. It’s an extra artistic flourish, an extra luxury, that connotes value and exclusive provenance. While modern painters eschewed the frame as an artistic crutch, today’s art world still relies on a frame of sorts: museums and galleries. They surround the artwork with spectacle or somber guardianship, heavily influencing how we see a work from an artistic and monetary perspective. In that sense, the frame is alive and well. With this in mind, I was pleased to talk to Lucy Hunter and R. Lyon, two artists who’ve transformed a small retail space in Brooklyn into a provocative art space called “Where”. While the art itself is intriguing, most fascinating is how they’ve fundamentally re-examined how institutions use architecture to shape the art world.

Link to the Article

Top Image: Where5, Photo ©Zachary Edelson


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