Designing for Protest

Political demonstrations, even at their most tumultuous, are enabled by some very thoughtful and deliberate designs.

It’s easy to image the act of design as introspective, custom-tailored to clients and circumstances. However, whenever protesters take to the streets they are forced to rapidly adapt to challenges with minimal material options at their disposal. The designs they produce, under the duress of political confrontation, still manage to be simple, effective, and easily replicable in any global urban area. Examples include turning a plastic bottle into a viable gas mask with some quick cuts and additions. Other designs formulated by demonstrators are unique to their setting: protesters in Hong Kong have used the skills of construction workers adept in strong, cheap, and plentiful bamboo to build blockades. Read on to see the ingenious design of street protest equipment, from both the protesters’ and police’s side.

Link To Article

Top Image: via Business Insider Australia.


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