Whiskeytecture: How To Design A Distillery

One hundred years ago, people bought whiskey on the basis of the label and the cost. Ingredients and process were sometimes trumpeted on the label but probably there to assure you that the spirit was the real deal (and not cut with some questionable moonshine).

Now liquors are bespoke, with a larger emphasis on its taste profile, ingredients, and production process that makes a brand unique. Liquors are a competitive market and its manufacturers need every edge they can get. Enter: the distillery. Once neglected, these halls of grain, steam, and enormous copper cauldrons are where customers can be made to feel connected to their favorite brands. Much like breweries, which have experienced a similar revolution, the distillery is an interactive industrial space.

Below is a short listicle of a few such distilleries tailor-made for their public function. Enjoy!

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Top Image: Bombay Sapphire Distillery, Hampshire, England, by Heatherwick Studio. Photos by Iwan Baan via Bombay Sapphire.


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